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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New York Part 1

I didn't want to dump all the photos from our New York trip in one post and slow down everyone's browsers.
It's happened to me before so I know how annoying that can be.
We'll make this an interactive post. I'll let Amado's Instagram posts fill in the gaps, which will be mostly food posts. 
If you follow him on Instagram then you know what I'm talking about.

Oh, and I'm so glad that someone else has experienced waiting for Amado to finish posting before we can eat.
Thanks Makoy!

After dropping off our bags at Makoy's place, our first stop was Maharlika.
Why why why why why don't we have Filipino restaurants like this in LA? WHY?!
Simple but amazing dishes like Spam Fries, Lechon Kawali, Crispy Pata and Sisig.
Yeah they're everyday traditional Filipino dishes but they look good and are not overwhelming. Well maybe except for Amado's crispy pata since they chopped it before he got a chance to take a photo.
They also opened a gastropub called Jeepney a few blocks away, also worth checking out!

After all that, I felt a bit guilty eating so much so we went for a walk around the area.
Which led us to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop!
Yep, we weren't done eating.
Amado got the Salted Pimp and I got the Monday Sundae.
Forgot what Makoy got but If it ain't chocolate then I'm not paying attention!

Stopped by my church. The Apple Store.

Then took a quick stroll through, the scary as hell at night, Central Park. I've watched enough Law and Order SVU to make me panic.

The second day started with some shopping. I knew this was going to happen and didn't bother packing
more than 2 days worth of clothing for the trip. I'm not about to buy another luggage and pay for a check-in fee. So we hit the stores like the rest of the tourist on 5th Ave.
We don't have Uniqlo and Muji in LA yet so those two were our main points to visit.

We dropped off our loot at Makoy's place then headed to Doughnut Plant.
This was one of the places Amado HAD TO go to (he had a long list).

Afterwards, Makoy had just got out of work so we headed on to Madison Square Park to meet up with him but found ourselves walking around Eataly. Freaking love that place!


And yes, more eating. Makoy's been raving about Shake Shack so we were bound to have it for dinner while in town. Here's Amado's burger, fries and milkshake.

Empire State Building everywhere you turn!

And we ended back at Eataly for coffee and desserts.

High Line Park, I love you!

Makoy's favorite park, "weed weed weed weed!"

And that concludes days one and two ...