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Monday, August 19, 2013

Color Film

So here we have a photo dump post. I divided them into two sets so it doesn't slow down browsers and annoy people. Obviously with film, you have to finish the entire roll before being able to process it so there's a combination of different events in this set.

These ones were taken in San Pedro when my cousin Mick decided to have a little get together. Hanging out at White Rocks reminded me of my Uncle Mike. We always went for long drives. Most of the time, we didn't really have a set destination and we didn't care. I'm bad with directions so I learned to navigate through Anaheim, Buena Park, San Pedro and Wilmington by using food places for landmarks. I definitely learned that from him which probably is where my passion for food came from. The other part, from Amado (for obvious reasons).

By the way, bomb soft serve ice cream truck! I'm willing to track this guy down on a weekend if I have to. That's how much of an ice cream junkie I am. I've told Amado that when we finally buy a house, I only have two requests. A soft serve ice cream machine in our kitchen and a Korean BBQ style table/grill in our backyard.

Here's one from Marley Mae's shoot and with Sully feeding the ducks at the park.

My cousin Suzanne and her family pay a visit in our home area of Manhattan Beach all the way from Canada. It's been almost 15 years since we last saw each other. It was great seeing them. The kids were just super excited to be able to enjoy SoCal's beach scene despite the overcast which definitely did not put a damper on their Sunday Funday. I recall one of the girls exclaiming aloud "This is the BEST DAY ever!" Definitely put a smile on all our faces. And major props to Amado for getting them a pretty-in-pink, patriotic beach towel. Pretty expensive but well worth the happiness and smiles attained from that day. (NOTE: Manhattan Beach does not have a souvenir shop.) 

Kevin's Birthday. Pat, sorry, I thought I got one of you standing next to him.

Juku sunbathing. This is her usual spot from 10am-12pm if I'm at home. Our little Pink Belly. So ripe.

From a shoot Greg and I worked on in DTLA. Miracles happened during this shoot. Greg and I managed to put together a pretty awesome video despite the conditions we had to work with.